Contrasting Localities

This term, our topic is Geography based. We will be focusing on three different areas from around the world and comparing them to where we live. The areas are:

  • The Polar Regions

  • The Serengeti and Masai Mara (Kenya and Tanzania, in Africa)

  • The Outback (Australia)

Our topic web has been uploaded to the Parents' Area so you can check out some of the skills we will be using.

If anyone has any artefacts, books or photographs relevant to the topic, please feel free to bring them in.

Later in the term, we will be setting the children a homework project, where they will  be able to choose any aspect of the topic to work on. For example, they might choose to make models, create artwork, write factfiles or make Powerpoints, etc. The possibilities are endless, and you are welcome to support them as long as the majority of the work is their own. All projects will be displayed during an open evening, for parents and visitors to see.