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Welcome to Year 6.


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Welcome to Year 6

You may have noticed that our Creative Curriculum topic web is now online in the Creative Curriculum tab to the left of this page; it will tell you all the kinds of skills we plan to cover during our Creative lessons.

Our Creative Curriculum topics concentrate predominantly on history, geography and Science skills along with art, design and technology, music, ICT and more besides. There is also a strong emphasis on linking in Literacy and Numeracy skills at every opportunity.


As it isn’t possible to cover everything through our Creative Curriculum, children also have separate Literacy and Numeracy lessons which follow the National Strategies.


In Year 6, some of our Literacy Units are*:

  • Recounts

  • Information Texts

  • Poetic Forms

  • Persuasive Writing

  • Diaries

  • Letter Writing

  • Non-Chronological Reports

  • Explanation Texts

  • Autobiographies

  • Biographies

  • Leaflets

  • Play Scripts

  • Drama


In Numeracy, some of the Year 6 topics are*:

·       Multiplication

·       Division

·       Addition

·       Subtraction

·       2D & 3D shape

·       Co-ordinates up to 4 quadrants

·       Fractions

·       Decimals

·       Angles

·       Converting Units

·       Area and Perimeter

·       Averages: mean, median and mode

·       Number sequences

·       Positive and negative numbers

·       Reflection, Rotation and translation

·       Probability

·       Ratio

·       Proportion

·       Prime Numbers

*This is an overview only - work is not necessarily taught in this order and children will be challenged according to their needs.


Many parents ask us for the best way to help their child. First and foremost, taking an interest in homework is an excellent way to gain an insight into the way your child is working at school. You will get a feel for the methods we use and the topics we’re covering at a particular time. If your child is struggling with anything, we will always let you know and make suggestions as to how to help them.


Have fun!