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School Direct is a route for teacher education to run alongside existing Undergraduate and PGCE courses. It enables schools and groups of schools to recruit and select the trainees that best meet their needs, with the expectation that those teachers will go on to work in the group of schools where they trained.

Information for Interested Schools

The Lindens Teaching School Alliance will be applying for Primary School Direct placements for 2018-19 in partnership with Wolverhampton University.

With School Direct you can hand pick the graduates you want and train them the way you want, and they’ll be part of your team from day one. School Direct offers careers, not just teacher training. This means you can attract, and retain, the best recruits.

School Direct is a way of ‘growing your own’ teachers and future leaders; it can make a key contribution to your school improvement strategy and help the continuing professional development of your staff.

Benefits of School Direct for your school:

  • You’re more likely to recruit the right person for you.
  • Customise the training to suit the needs of your school and trainee.
  • Trainees get on board very quickly.
  • Snap up the best new talent.
  • Develop tailored training programmes with your chosen provider.
  • Build stronger partnerships with other local schools, across teaching phases, and teacher training providers.

We have had enormous success with Initial Teacher Training began and we now have vacancies for those wanting to enter the teaching profession in September 2018. 

If you think as a school you could offer School Direct placements please contact

Mr Chris Randall

Tel: 0121 353 9273 Email: teachingschool@lindens.walsall.sch.uk