Our Neighbours in Europe

We will be studying the Creative Topic "Our Neighbours in Europe" in the Summer Term.
Do you know where Europe is?

That's right....the bit in purple!

We've will be a bit too busy in school to actually travel to Europe, so we will send our bears instead.

We will use our Numeracy skills to vote on their names and tally the results. Last time around, we decided on Becky (Y1), Betty (Y1/2) and Brandon (Y2).

Our bears will travel to France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Can you find these countries on a map?




In France, our bears will take us on an imaginary sightseeing tour. Here are the famous landmarks we will learn a little bit about:

Arc de Triomphe

Notre Dame Cathedral

Sacré Cœur

Eiffel Tower

Musée du Louvre


We will learn to paint like famous French artist Claude Monet. Here are a few of our versions of his famous painting "The Water Lily Pond".



In Spain, our class bears will continue to learn some more about art. This time, they will tell us all about Pablo Picasso, who liked to paint unusual portraits.

Check out the Year 1 Archive Photos to see some of the ones which we made in previous years!


We also will look at architecture. That's a fancy word for what buildings look like!

Lots of buildings in Barcelona, Spain, were designed by a man called Antoni Gaudi.

Beautiful buildings, aren't they?

Do you remember those really unusual chimneys you just saw at Casa Mila?

We will have a go at designing our own unusual chimney shapes.



After Spain, it will be a short flight east to Italy.

Whilst in Italy, we also learnt about Pompeii and the destructive power of volcanoes. We wrote some volcano poetry and even made our own errupting volcano models!



Finally, it will be off to Germany. Here, we will learn all about how the German school day is different to ours.

Did you know that ...

  • German school children don't have to wear a uniform?
  • German children start school earlier in the morning than we do, but finish at lunchtime?
  • German children don't start school until around the age of 6?

Whilst in Germany, we also learnt how to talk about the weather. Do you reckon you could learn how to speak enough German to ask what the weather is like? Have a go...

That's all for now, folks!