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Late/Absence Procedures




A parent should notify school by 9.15am on the same day, specifying the reason.  This may be done by telephoning the school and leaving a message, informing the office or teacher.


School should be informed on a DAILY BASIS, or the expected day of return.  A written letter or ‘notification of absence’ slip (enclosed) should be sent to school on your child’s return.  It is a DFES requirement for school to indicate the reason for each absence. Attendance falling below 92% has to be reported to the Local Authority. This will be monitored and could result in warning letters being issued or requests for medical evidence.


Absence for Exceptional Circumstances

Amendments to the Department for Education regulations 2006 now prevent family holidays being granted by the Headteacher. Absence during term time will only be granted in exceptional circumstances with consideration being granted upon individual application.


Arrival at School

The school doors open between 8.45am and 8.55am.  Children can enter school and go into class during these 10 minutes.  Duty staff  monitor the cloakroom doors from 8.45am and will go into school at 8.55am on the school bell and close the doors.  Children arriving after this time are late and should enter the school through the main front entrance.


The school doors must be securely shut at a given time to ensure the safety of all children and to allow staff to take charge of their class and start lessons as promptly as possible.  Letters will be sent to any parents who constantly bring their children to school late.


Dismissing at the End of the School Day

The school day ends at 3.30pm and it is expected that parents/carers will collect their child from the year group door.  Children in Foundation Stage will only be passed over to a known parent/carer.  If a different adult (someone not named on the contact sheet) is collecting your child please ensure that the class teacher is made aware of this.


In KS1 and KS2 children start to become more independent and can find a parent in the playground area.  They are told that they must come back into school if their parent/carer is not there. (Parents should also reinforce this). Year 6 children may walk home from school with prior permission from a parent/carer.


If parents are collecting FS/KS1 and KS2 children they should collect the younger child/children first and then go for the older child.


Staff have meetings and other duties at the end of the school day so it is important that children are collected on time.  Four Seasons Club is available (if pre-booked) for parents who require childcare before or after school.  Letters will be sent to parents who are persistently late collecting their child.


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