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PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.




Lindens’ Use of Sport Premium

Since the 2012 London Olympics, successive governments have provided school funding to provide a sporting legacy across the country.  Funding levels have increased over the last few years and agreement has been made by the current government to maintain it for the next school year 2020/21.  In a post-Covid environment, it is hoped that by using the funding it will help to strengthen not only the sporting legacy, but also help develop resilience in our children to see them through the pandemic as mentally stronger and flexible people.

At Lindens, we take great pride in the opportunities that children have been provided for across the PE spectrum for many years.  With the ongoing funding it is expected that our children will continue to be provided with a rich variety of opportunities, allowing them to participate in a wide range of physical activities, not only as part of the curriculum lessons, but also by use of lunchtime and after school clubs.  The school will continue ensure the provision of regular competitive intra and inter school events.  The continuing funding by the government will help the school to continue to provide excellent opportunities for our children.

The Sport Premium has been used by Lindens for:

  • Membership of the Youth Sport Trust, a national organisation which allows Lindens to be part of a growing band of schools actively sharing ideas on ‘best practice’; provision of training opportunities for school staff;
  • Membership of the Streetly Sports Partnership, a local agreement developed for primary schools by Streetly Academy and the Walsall Competition Manager.  This includes the provision of regular interschool competitive sports opportunities – typically for years 5 and 6 but expanding to other year groups where practical; off-site staff CPD for a range of sports decided upon in conjunction with the primary school membership; access to advise on specialist coaches – monitoring and assessing their provision suitable to the needs of the individual school.
  • Specialist sports coach to work with children from Reception to Year 6, providing staff with access to specialist knowledge to assist with staff development and ideas for differentiation of best practice for children.
  • Offer financial assistance, in agreement with the school’s governing body, for children to access school organised activities where a contribution is payable (eg PGL, afterschool clubs).
  • Financial support for the school to allow staff to be released to attend CPD training for the benefit of the children and as part of teachers’ professional development identified in their Performance Management Reviews.
  • To organise/participate in events for children to compete against other schools as a level 2 inter school activity.

Following the review of the use of the Sports Premium funding, the Head Teacher, in consultation with the PE subject lead at Lindens, has agreed that the money will be invested to provide the best possible opportunities for development within the school by:

  • Continue to participate in the Streetly Sports Partnership as this will allow continued opportunities to participate in level 2 inter school competitions and from there – if successful – at level 3, such as the Black Country Games.  The value of this investment will open up competitions for all years from Year 1 upwards. The ongoing staff development opportunities will continue to be used.  This will also continue to include membership of the YST
  • Continue to use a specialist sports coach for Foundation and Key Stages 1 and 2.  Year groups will alternate between the coach. 
  • Continue to offer financial assistance for families where support is required allowing greater involvement in events for children that would be prevented from being able to participate otherwise.
  • Continue to give financial support allowing school staff to be released to attend PE training will continue to be available however will be covered internally where possible.
  • To organise/participate in events, children will continue to be given the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities (PGL, inter school games and tournaments).
  • To replace or fund the provision of PE equipment across the school Equipment will continue to be acquired using alternative funds where possible (football strips through sponsorship or competitions; free offers to promote events with equipment provided etc.)


This list is not extensive and reflects the main aspects of the school’s approach to activities across the PE area.  As with many things, changes do take place.  For this reason, the areas of involvement may be amended by the Head Teacher throughout the year in discussion with the PE subject leader and other members of staff.  These alterations will be made where it is deemed to be in the best interest of the children or to provide additional opportunities for them.



Bill Telford

PE Subject Lead

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